Sunday, February 8, 2009

Being Examinated

So I have good news and I have bad news, like in all those terrible jokes. And to stick to the formula, I'll tell you the good news first.

The good news is that I have completed my Paediatrics posting, and probably even passed the end posting exam because my examiner kept saying "Very Good!" at the end of every answer. But he was a vann kidu who expected me to know the three stages of Lyme Disease, and I was all "Lyme disease has stages?" And then it went downhill from there, and turned uphill after a brief visit to the Underworld, then I was on level ground and then rose and fell so many times I lost count. Hopefully, the highs and lows will balance themselves out and he meant it when he appeared to be impressed by my answers*.

The bad news (get out those tissues, you are going to need them) is that my semester has ended *sob* and what's even worse is that I have exams. And to add insult to injury, I have just one more semester left in college. *bawls*

Think of it as my funeral, and let the tears flow. That probably requires tear gas, but please, oblige a heart broken medico who knows nothing about the stages of Lyme disease.

The exams last a couple of weeks. Until then, it's farewell and adieu to you, sweet readers. If you can manage it, say a short prayer for me. It doesn't matter if you don't believe in God(s), just hint to Hippocrates that some day he's going to be proud of me for being THE expert on Lyme disease, and he will do the rest.

*My head keeps saying "Fat chance!", but I shall ignore it for now. Please, please, God, let me have passed.


det-res said...

Good luck. It is ok not to know the stages of Lyme disease. It really is..

Jeya Anand said...

dude lyme disease has stages??
leave it out first...btw wats lyme disease??:D:D
-A doctor in the making!!

~nm said...

All the best!

Somebody Else said...

This too shall PASS. (I got my results half an hour ago).

Keep the faith. All life needs is for you to pass exams. The rest shall take its course. By design or by accident. OM!

ALL THE BEST AP! SMASH IT!(The caps help, no?)

SMM said...

There is something called lyme's Disease?

SMM said...

But last sem in college I made the most of it. Got placed, then partied like crazy and then hit the books cuz I had to turn up for my job on June 1st which I couldn't if I didn't appear for my exams :(

deluded said...

lime disease.

excessive putrid feeling in the throat on licking too many limes.

pathophysiological of being drunk.

workhard said...

Im reading this late, but Good u have passed, and you have got a very interesting post..

Haiku poetry