Monday, January 26, 2009


Paediatrics still has bawling children and tired medicos carrying chocolates instead of knee hammers. Let's not go there. OK?


The results of the fourth year exams are out, and I have (once again) scraped through. Let's not go there, either. OK?


I have an exam tomorrow. Nope. We don't go there, either.

The semester is almost over. A round of exams, and then, my VERY LAST SEMESTER.*panic attack*

How did I get here? I (still) do not know anything about Anatomy. Or Physiology. Or any of the other twenty-odd subjects we are expected to have a working knowledge of. *hyperventilates*

I am going to miss all those places we used to hang out at.

Ooh, good one! There aren't any places to hang out at college. Except perhaps the library, and let's face it, if I were the type to 'hang out' at the library, I wouldn't be a blogger.

We have this place called the NeuroMuscular Junction (the NMJ). It looks something like this:

Please, roar with laughter at my pathetic attempt at humour.

The NMJ has four arms. One of them leads to the Ladies' Hostel (the neuro- part, for Brains) and the road opposite that leads to the Men's Hostel (the muscular part). This is supposed to be the reason for the name. The other two arms, for the people who are still reading, lead to the hospital and to the college buildings respectively.

The NMJ is not a hangout. It is more like a meeting place. "Drop me at the NMJ," or "I'll see you at the NMJ around ten-thirty."

Another place of note is the Umbilical Cord, one of my favourite names. It is a long corridor connecting the Mother and Baby sections of the Mother and Baby Hospital. It does not consist of the right and left umbilical arteries and an umbilical vein buried in Whaton's jelly. *gasp*

To someone unacquainted with the anatomical geographical structure of our college, our conversations would resemble gibberish.

"Where are you? I am waiting at the distal end of the umbilical cord."
"I just reached the NMJ."
"How lazy can you get? What are you, immotile cilia?"
"Are you implying that I am sterile?"
"No, I know you are not in the OT now."

I can't think of any other places at college with interesting names. The old auditorium is known as the Old Auditorium, the bike stand as the Bike Stand and the office as the Office.

One place that deserves a name is the bust of Hippocrates in front of the hospital.

"Meet me in front of the Hippo at nine."

That should raise a few eyebrows.


Anonymous said...

You guys sure are an imaginative bunch. NMJ, umbilical cord, hippo, immotile cilia. Good going, y'all.

The worst we ever did was nickname a guy who always wore white as 'Leukorrhea'.

Now when I think of it, that was just gross. Ew. But it shows you how med students' minds work. Esp. when posted in Gynae with an *annoying* colleague who *always* wore white.

Sucheta said...

we jst got stupid li'l acronyms fr places we never even bother 2 visit :(
u jst make it all sound so cool!
i love ur blog!

silverine said...

LOL!!! Your blog never fails to cheer me up!

mathew said...

"Meet me in front of the Hippo at nine"

LOL!! thats a clincher of a statement..


Nice way to freshen up the theory for a while....reminded me of my DH aka Dillagi hall

Somebody Else said...

LOL. We only just came back from IITM. It must be fab to have hugeass campuses like that one. And we used to think our college with its weird landmarks was big!

deluded said...



I never knew it had 4 arms.



Jeya Anand said...

hey U got a lovely blog here:)

Tys on Ice said...

girl u are getting weirder day by day...


Adorable Pancreas said...

Leukorrhoea. That's a good one. Hmmm... I see definite possibilities there...

Thank you! :)


I know. There's another sculpture of Hippo and a Dog in the garden. That too, sadly, has no name that I know of.

doomed doctor,
Exam hall, is it?

Adorable Pancreas said...

somebody else,
My 'tiny' campus is 'just' a hundred acres or so, reminds Big Brother who studied in a 300 acre jungle.

You can learn medicine from the weirdest of places, says my prof, and who am I to argue?

jeya anand,
Why, thank you. :)

tys on ice,
Blame my friends. :)

workhard said...

I didnt know paediatricians carry candy bars??