Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Back. Sort of.

It's been more than a month since my dad left us, and it still feels like yesterday. I want to tell you about him. About how he loved potatoes, Louis L'Amour's books, silly Chinese martial arts movies, and me. About how he would make disgusted noises every time I gave him a hug, and grin from ear to ear while pretending to push me away. About his silly quirks, like counting the number of greys in his chest hair. I wish I could go on, but the screen looks really blurred now. I can't talk about my Acha yet. I'm putting it off until some other day, when it doesn't hurt quite so much.
Thank you, all of you, for being so supportive, even though you don't know me or my family.

I have been having exams from the week he died, and it was loads of fun, I tell you. < /sarcasm> I have two more exams to go, and three practical exams, and then I'm done with fourth year. I'm all set to chuck my Park into the fire. That reminds me, I found another excellent Parkist quote the other day while reading for my exam.
"River: A direct connection between the alimentary tract of those living upstream and the mouths of those living downstream."
That's when I found out that I hadn't forgotten how to laugh, I just thought I had.

I'll see you all after the exams.