Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Blawg

I’ve got a couple of exams next week. Oh, what did I do to deserve SPM and Ophthalmology exams two working days apart? Speaking of working days, I’m posted in Dermatology now. The seven year itch. Gah.

The images in the textbook are guaranteed to give you nightmares for a week. I am still stuck in the conjunctiva, and I have the rest of the eye left. Not to mention the optic nerve. I have two hundred pages more. Two. Hundred. Pages. And that’s just the eye.

And I have a 103° F fever. It came free with the cough that scares away all the stray dogs in my street. Oh, and a headache. Hell would have a blizzard before it rains here. I’m not allowed to shower because of the stoopid fever.


I’ll be back after the exams, if I live.

UPDATE: Those swines at the Department of Ophthalmology set us questions for SIXTEEN MARKS from topics that weren’t included. *insert all the swear words you know here* They aren't even pretending that they intend for us to pass. If you hear of angry students lynching some ophthalmologist, that's us.


tangled said...

How old?
And that picture just makes my eyes itch with sympathy. :(
(As do the Two. Hundred. Pages.)
Good luck favour you!

Cathy said...

Oh there's nothing worse than having to study while you're as sick as a dog (except maybe having to look at infected eyes and the like)! Good Luck!

Tys on Ice said...

..aawww...u take care of urself girl...

btw, u just put me off breakfast....again...

u r good for my figure...:)

Thinking aloud said...

hope you crack.....the exams...

take care...:)

and yes...happy 1st b'day too...:D

Anonymous said...

you get well soon.. and lets see some happy pics... some teeth maybe? and not rotten ones!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

yappy budday blog!!
and you - you get well soon.. :0)

Siri said...

Pleasant co-incidence I say!!! Our blogs were born the same day :)
Aww. How old is yours? Mine just turned three! :)

Sorry about the exams. May they pass soon.

You know fate is playing jokes on you when you have to taste your own medicine. With the pills, doc, do take heart as well. All will be well again, and you will be back to posting adorable stuff, soon.

Prats said...

Are you sure, we don't get conjuctivitis from this!!!
Aaaaw...poor you...i'm sure opthal will take you thru, from what I hear from my SIL, ( also an opthal) its far better than the it???


Flyaway Mind said...

cheerz to the bday babe..errr..bday blog ;)happy blogging!!!!

mathew said...

probably it is an 'eye for any eye' gesture from them for what you guys might have done!! ;-P

Ziah said...

Awwww!! This too will pass... like Park... (you'll get done with him after SPM right?)... like LR... like that desirable object in college you havent blogged about in donkeys years.. sigh!:)

Btw, They say a picture speaks a thousand words. That thing u put up was plain... sore?? :)

SsS said...

are those papillae????

Spunky Monkey said...

Happy Birthday.
May you become Wonder Woman.

educatedunemployed said...

Oh you know you will live. Looking forward to more posts. :)

baby said...

My heart is with you-- are you feeling any better yet?

"Those swines"-- you are a polite lady! I'd be rattling some chains if I were you, but then I am in Amrica where we could sue over that BS so they'd not try it.

~nm said...

That was really really mean of the teachers!

And tagged you! Pick it up here

Gazal said...

the photo looks very inviting...

what is it??

Adorable Pancreas said...

I'm one! Wheee! It's fun being one!
Thanks a bunch. :)

You can say that again! Thank you!

tys on ice,
That's what I'm here for. You will look like one of those stick figures by the time I graduate.

thinking aloud,
The exams cracked me. :(
What, no gift? :)

I'm all right now, although my mom is coughing in the other room now. Happy pics... Will this do?

Adorable Pancreas said...

toothless wonder,
I got well. Yay!

I'm a year old. I can walk. Woo hoo! We are almost like twins, no?
No, I'm a little weird in that falling slightly ill once in a while. I just don't like being bedridden. :(

You just might! ;)
Ophthal is a sea, the others are oceans. Doesn't make much of a difference when you're drowning.

flyaway mind,
Muchas gracias. :)

Aarrgh! PJ!
You know me, would I do anything that bad? ;)

Adorable Pancreas said...

It passed. I won't. I forgot to mention that I need 20 marks to pass. :(
Park, I have it till the end of this semester. I wish it would end soon.
I rarely see the Desirable Object these days. ObG was in a different hospital, and I lost interest. Happens all the time. :)
It was a type of allergic conjunctivitis. Ghastly, don't you think? This was one of the better ones. *shudder*

Yes, they are. Or maybe follicles. I confuse them both all the time. Gah.

spunky monkey,
Merci beaucoup.
You want me to freeze to death? Bad monkey!

I did, though I wish I hadn't. I don't want to see those marks up on the notice board any time soon.

Adorable Pancreas said...

I am well in body, although considerable rumpled up in spirit. :)
We rattled a lot of chains, and they are making noises about conducting the exam again. I don't think I can go through it once more. This was an internal exam, so it wasn't a very big issue. We need these marks to be able to write our final exams, though.

I know! I sweated bullets during the exam because everyone else looked calm and collected.
Will do it. :)

It's called vernacular keratoconjunctivitis. Fell asleep during somewhere in the middle of allergic conjunctivitis, so I don't know a lot about it. Figures, right? ;)

brocasarea said...

@adorable pancreas..dude its really simple..follicles are grey colored unlike pappilae which are reddish!!:)