Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I feel like a Holocaust survivor. I nearly kissed everything in sight when I came home that fateful night, like liberated hostages do on TV. I’m done with the labour room, peoples!

I survived 12 hour shifts, back breaking work, chori, two strikes, petty fights, starvation, chori, sleepless nights, ear piercing shrieks, chori, and a whole lot of other things (it’s impossible to summarise the events of an eventful month into a few words), and returned with my sanity* more or less intact. Chori (irritating, scratching, annoying, makes-you –want-to-punch-them, the English language needs a word for chori) is what the PG students posted in the labour room are. Ob-G practitioners are usually excellent choris. I have no clue as to the reason, but I believe it has something to do with the view. No normal woman would consciously choose to spend her life among other women.

One of the Orthopaedics PG students (there I go again, talking about Ortho PGs. Cut me some slack, people, this has a point.) got beaten up by a drunken gang of engineering students. The hero, who, unlike most orthopaedic wannabes, was not built like Hulk Hogan and the Hulk combined, was on duty in the casualty one night, when a group of drunken engineering students came in with broken bones, acquired after a bout of drunken driving. He gave one of them a test dose for a painkiller injection, and asked them to wait for a few minutes while the allergy to the drug (if present) manifested itself. Those intellectual beings promptly beat him up (who was up at that hour just so he could treat effing creeps like them). He’s still in the hospital, his broken neck still in a brace and minus his spleen. This was the second incident in a month. If it can happen to one doctor, it can happen to any doctor, and the PG Association protested by calling a strike. The House Surgeons’ Association immediately declared their support and joined the strike. This left the entire labour room in the capable hands of 15 interns (us, in case you didn’t realise) and 3 medical officers. And guess what? We had FUN! I delivered a baby, gave an amnioinfusion to a woman girl (she was freakin’ 20 years old.) whose baby had crapped while still inside the uterus (it’s a very dangerous condition, the baby might aspirate that stuff and die), I scrubbed in and assisted (woohoo!) the Caesarean section for that same woman, and generally had a blast.

Medicos did not participate in the strike. This says a lot about the thinking abilities of the college union members. Why is the fate of medical students left to the votes of nursing students and lab technician trainees? I hate politics, or I would elaborate. I did get to do a lot of cool stuff I normally would not get to do, so I'm not complaining, but I wish someone would explain to me why we do not join the strike. I would have loved the break. I mean, I was in that *multiple expletives deleted* labour room every single day (Sundays included) for a month. For at least 12 hours a day.

I have to go study now. Because some retard has decided to start our exams this Saturday. My oh-so-important internal assessment exam. The one which I really need to pass. GAH.

*What I had to begin with. Which wouldn’t fill a thimble.


Ps said...

OMG--I thank my lucky stars I didn't have to deliver my babies there!!!

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I gave birth in the Good Ol' USA during a nurses' strike. I felt terrible crossing their picket lines going in to the hospital and went to the head person and shook her hand and apologized because I supported their cause. They just brought in people from another hospital, so I didn't have any problems other than that the staff was worn out. Fortunately my baby and I had no problems other than needing to be born/give birth and I could have done it by myself.

I'm glad you are out and that nightmare is over! I'd ask what is next but you need your sleep.

Shruti said...

uh huh.. when you say 'I delivered a baby'.. u mean..

Hershey Desai said...

well, I can tell you why most men don't prefer to be in the ObGyn department... sounds fun at first, but the excitement dies out after you

Yay to engineering! Hey, you have painkillers to relieve you of a hard day, we got alcohol.
Though I don't understand why they beat the poor guy up, probably coz he stuck them with a needle.. moral of the story: stay away from drunk engineers.

babies poop in the uterus??? thats new.
and far as delivering babies goes..i said it before, sounds fun..SOUNDS fun, to do it actually ..eep.
I prefer conducting an autopsy.

silverine said...

"No normal woman would consciously choose to spend her life among other women"

ha ha I know what you mean. Friends and colleagues are fun as long as they are unmarried. Marriage makes them women and then you wonder what you happened to the fun carefree gal in them!

Ziah said...

You're in quite a state my dear! :) Tsk Tsk..:)

It's time to take a good, relaxing break... you might just come back so refreshed that you might surprise yourself with your ability to love the sick again:)

DrWiz said...

Glad that you are out of a dog's life :)

Tys on Ice said...

welcome back ap...i hve heard of children treating their mothers bad, but to crap in them is going too far...

Adorable Pancreas said...

Totally with you on that one. I hate the place.

@tea n. crumpet:
I have never met a non-medical person who supported one of our strikes. Most people act like doctors and nurses have no rights. This is why I like you. And not because of the nice thigs you say about me. :)
I can't seem to be getting enough of sleep these days. I'd put that down to exhaustion if I hadn't been this way even before the labour room postings.

I meant exactly what I said. Even my parents were surprised to hear that I have a son. :)

@hershey desai:
Some of the guys with me have given up wanting to get married...
I take it you haven't actually watched an autopsy. We used to have people throwing up everyday. I still get nightmares about the mortuary.

I don't know, it's not that bad when we're still in college. Some of my friends are married, but they're still fun to be around. Yay college!

I DO need a break, but I have classes and exams once again.

I am too, but sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of the LR while drooling on a textbook. Although it's nice to have stopped talking in my sleep. No more yelling 'trolleeeey' in the middle of the night and waking up the neighbours.

@tys on ice:
Muchas gracias, tys. Glad to know I was missed. :)
Why can't kids be like ME? I merely kicked my mom like a football.

Synapse said...

I dont think the ortho PG lost his spleen! :D