Friday, September 7, 2007

Identifcation Parade

Do you know what this is?

Neither do I.

Exams next week, peoples.


Spunky Monkey said...

Polyposis of the colon!

(Thank you, title of the photograph)

(And go ahead Pancreas, link me!)

All the very very best. I have exams in a week too! What are the odds!

Crazy Dhakkan said...

Err.. That is creepy!! :O

Once in a school trip, we had gone to civil hospital's medical college here.. and a couple of kids actually fainted! :P

Pravin said...

I so did not faint. hrrmph!

Nariyal Chutney said...

Hi Pancreas , ATB for ur exams . . Hope at the end of exams you will know what it is and will tell us when you come back :).

P S: At least It doesnt look like an adorable pancreas :)

Keshi said...

a pancreas? :):)


mathew said...

kidney..old and damaged beyond repair!!!! ;-P

seriously dont say there is somethin like that inside my body...

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. No guess frm me... I'm nt a medico u see....

Better learn b4 exams...

Sreejith said...

guts! probably mine :(

and don't worry about the exams! Even if you fail, its not the end of the world... you can always end up as a maid or janitor :P

Tys on Ice said...

its a real wonder how u guys keep ur food down...

anyway, thts the big intestine...checked the foto title to confirm like spunky, its not technically cheating... ;)

all the best with the exams...

Celestine said...

eeee looks scary lol

Ajith said...

Good that I didnt take medicine :).. This thing is inside our body ?
ATB for ur exams ?

Malaveeka said...


Spunky Monkey said...

The last I knew, ATB was All Terrain Bike. Hercules used to make them.
When I read a few people mentioning ATB for exams, I thought it was metaphorical. You know, like, be ready for anything types.
Turns out, no. Yenng beebul und theyur faads, I vil nevver undasdaand.
BOL, then. (No, that's no Malayali way of saying the singular of Balls.)
Best of luck.
(I am catching on!)

Adorable Pancreas said...

@spunky monkey:
You stole the answer! Bad monkey. No bananas for a week.
Good luck with your exams too. I know what it feels like.

@crazy dhakkan:
I can imagine. We need to get used to it. Initially lots of people faint in the OT and all, but now we're all cool.

If you say so. :P

@nariyal chutney:
Thank you, chammanthi. I got this for my exam. And no, I did not tell the examiner that it was an adorable pancreas. :)

An inspired guess, is it?

There's nothing like this in your body, don't worry.

Yep. I will.

Guts is right, but I hope it isn't yours. You don't want colon cancer later, do you? (That's for the maid dig.)

@tys on ice:
I look at all the photos while eating. :P
Yes, it is, cheater. X-(
Thanks, tys.

It does, doesn't it?

@ ajith:
This is a diseased specimen. You have nothing to worry about.
Thank you. :)

Exactly what I said when I saw it for the exam.

@spunky monkey-when-he-came-back:
Hehe... I get SMS-es like this.
BOL to you to too! :)

Keshi said...

nope...just saw it n guessed it straight away...cos I can rem from how a Pancreas looked like from my Biology lectures...:)


Di said...

I dunno wat u call it in medical terms but its locally called one-of-the-reasons-y-i-didnt-take-up-medicine!! :O

Hershey Desai said...

might be late to answer this..but atleast I am not cheating by looking at the comments..

looks like a squid.
but could be intestines of..something.

Adorable Pancreas said...

And my name has nothing to do with it? For a second, I thought I'd achieved fame.

Totally understandable. :)

@hershey desai:
Intestine of a de-tentacled squid? :P

tangled said...

do I what?
do I what this is?


Okay, I stop now.