Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goodbye, Sir Jerry

I am on the review for one of my favourite subjects ever, Orthopaedics. Let's all turn cartwheels for the sheer joy of fractured bones, shall we?

Although I am afraid of a jinx, I will say this, I have been rather happy at college these last few days. I like Surgery, and I enjoyed the review posting. Occasionally, I even got the feeling that I actually knew what I was talking about, because I did not feel blank when my teacher talked about the Bormann's system of classification for carcinoma of the stomach. And also, my current, uh, objet d'affection, knows I exist because I stood up to answer a question in class, and I got that right! So yeah, it's been great.

But things at home have not been wonderful, to balance out the good. My Mom was diagnosed with periarthritis of the shoulder joint, which has been giving her a lot of pain. She might need surgery, because her response to drugs and physiotherapy is not as satisfactory as it should have been. And my cat died. He disappeared one day, and a couple of days later, there was a terrible stink from somewhere outside the house that is too overgrown to explore. We put two and two together, and got four. I miss him.

Rest in peace, buddy.

Now that I am in a melancholy mood, I will probably start talking about my Dad, and then I will start to cry, and my Mom will want to know what's wrong, and then we will both end up using a lot of tissues, and be depressed enough to skip dinner. And since I am trying to gain weight (an exercise in futility, a more accurate description would be 'trying not to lose any more weight'), skipping dinner is inadvisable. Therefore, TTFN, before I start blubbering.


--xh-- said...

losing pets is painful. :|
may his soul rest in peace....

Rajlakshmi said...

even I miss my pet ... but we got a new one and gave him the same name ... :)

rm said...

is there anyone else whos so brave and good with life..lots of love.

Rockus said...

He looks just like the one I used to secretly keep. May he be reborn and come to you again.

Tea N. Crumpet said...
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Tea N. Crumpet said...

I am sad for your poor cat.

We have a cat who came to us the day that I temporarily lost custody of my eldest daughters in a brutal battle with my ex husband. I came home numb from the hospital (I went into stress labor) and this cat just followed me in and she demanded to be fed. I knew they'd come home when she stayed-- she was my angel. Now she is very old and may not make it through the summer. She wasn't allowed to come inside. . . now she sleeps in my room.

My daughters came home many months later. The cat stayed.

saphire said...

stupid pets..they steal our hearts and then break them :(

Tranquility said...

can't bear losing another one.. that's why I only have imaginary 2 cats these days

workhard said...

Hi, I hope you feel better now, but it will take a while to get over lossof a pet.. After a while, they become 'human', i lost a pet bird once and took me quite a while to recover.

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Gauri said...

Hey A.P

Sorry about Sir Jerry. It indeed is painful losing a pet. May his soul rest in peace.

Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks back and have been reading posts from the archives at random.

Just wanted to say that I love your sense of humor :) .... do keep the posts coming :)

damsel in distress said...

thot cats had nine lives..:(
sorry bt the loss..
nice name-sir jerry...tho tom was more appropriate.

DPhatsez said...

Didn't Tom ever oppose to his being named Sir Jerry?

(ulp!inopportune joke?)

I'm not poking, I lost my Thomasina too long ago.(sniff!)

Let us drown our sorrows together! (hic!)