Sunday, March 15, 2009

Foul Mouthed

Bad things have been happening inside my oral cavity. My childhood disdain for toothbrushes has wreaked havoc in my dental enamel, and let's just summarise the results in one word, cavity. Not just any old cavity off the street looking for a sweet tooth, we are talking infected, painful, so-huge-my-voice-echoes-when-I-speak cavity. Combine this with a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth, and another wisdom tooth that chose to become impacted vertically, all of which become complicated at the same time, and you have a fun fest.

The impacted wisdoms will "probably require surgery soon". The cavity needs root canal treatment. ASAP. *gulp*

The only funny (the haha variety) was when the dentist wanted to wait until I was "21 or 22 years old" before yanking out my last claim to wisdom. The lack of wisdom teeth imparts to my face the appearance of a teenager, I guess. Which may be a good thing, because I HATE GROWING OLDER. Gah at you, birthday next month. (Not very subtle, was that? Let's just pretend it was, and say "Let's all gift Pancreas a new cellphone next month, because that is what she desires the most, and we love her.")

The title *ahem* does not mean that I am channelling YELLING BIRD. Nor is it supposed to imply that I suffer from halitosis. It represents the evil-ness inside my oral cavity that is making my life living hell.

I return to Ob-G this week, and I will soon have heart warming stories about old women getting their uteri ripped out by clawed forceps for your reading pleasure. Until then, please, resist the temptation. DO NOT confide your tales of root canal treatment horrors with me, I beg you.

P. S. : My tooth hurts. :(

UPDATE: The deed has been done, and there was no pain AT ALL! and I am doing fine. I have to go back next week to 'crown' it, whatever that is.


Gauri said...

Uh Oh ! That tooth sounds bad. Hey - I have a grouch with probably all the wisdom teeth in this world - they don't serve any particular purpose other than grow in all weird directions and ahem ... give bigtime trouble !!

That said, I do hope a visit to the dear old dentist is in the offing. A toothache is pretty much worse than going thru labour :D.

And no horror tales actually - I've had root canals on 3 of my teeth .... so you see .... as far as travails of teeth go .... you've got company/competition :).

Hugs ! and may that tooth get better soon ...

P.S : Are you from Bbay ? If so, can recommend a very good dentist - painless root canals guaranteed !

--xh-- said...

yeah! truth hurts... ouch - tooth hurts :|
i dont remember any wisdom tooth pain and pangs - may be I am yet to get my wisdom tooth :| may be i am not yet old to get the wisdom :P

damsel in distress said...

i know what you mean.been there,felt that.

Suma said...

ouch! a toothache can be awfulllllllly painful...:(

take care...

brocasarea said...

paying for ur sins!!;)

heart warming stories?!!...u think we r sadists!!!!...

tc of ur tooth!!:D

Sucheta said...

isnt it really sad that i'm laughing at some1 else's pains!?
but then u're a funny, funny girl :P
and guess what i have 2 diagonally placed wisdom teeth that have been in the process of comin out since the last 6 months...ouch!

BrownPhantom said...

You're funnny :).
Can't sympathize with you over this. Strangely enuff,I've never suffered with any teeth/oral problems even though I am well past quarter century.
Co-incidentaly there are at 3-4 dentist clinic at a walking distance from my place.

Adorable Pancreas said...

I had no idea root canal entailed skewering the contents of the canal on a screw. And also the dental assistant wielded the suction like she had a long standing grudge against me, injuring my delicate oral mucosa and I have an ulcer now. Of course, maybe she just wanted to finish it off ASAP and escape the SMELL.
Live in God's own country, with the devil's own suction. :)

I HAVE no wisdoms in my upper jaw, and both the ones in my lower jaw are stuck. Wisdom is not for me, I guess. :(

damsel in distress,
Now that the toothache has disappeared, I now have an oral ulcer to contend with. Yeowch!

I babied the tooth, and now it's happy with me!

More like heart boiling stories!

Adorable Pancreas said...

Yes, you are now officially eeevil. This is your cue to go muhahaha.

They all probably eye you lustfully while you walk you past unaware of their dental intentions.

Sucheta said...

n also, m oficially in the "sufferers-at-the-hands-of-dentists" club. tooth impaction n root abscess. ting ting ting!!!

DPhatsez said...

Doesn't the big bad dentist lure you with ice-creams before he commits his legalized sledge-hammering?

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