Sunday, May 11, 2008

Four Eyed

I am posted in ENT next month. If this Ophthalmology posting is any indication, I will be wearing a hearing aid by the end of next month. I got glasses, people. Glasses! Me. Adorable “6/6 vision” Pancreas. Damn.

It all started with a headache. Which, according to the Park (you know, our SPM textbook. Go read this post if you have not. It got published and all, so it should be better than my usual nonsense. It's better than this one, at any rate.) is also known as cephalalgia. Cephalalgia! I kid you not. So, with this cephalalgia that has been bothering me for sometime, I chopped a perfectly healthy tree in my garden, dug up the root, continued digging for another 12 feet, and retrieved my spectacle case from where it had been buried. It was undamaged (it would be, just my luck) and the cephalalgia disappeared like magic when I put them on. This would have to happen. And my mom gave a yell of joy and rushed me to an optometrist, who made her cough up a lot of money and gave me new glasses because the axis had changed or something. I am now the proud owner of a pair of glasses. Yeesh. Anyway, bye bye headache cephalalgia. Don’t bother to send any postcards.

I have two tests this week. Both SPM. Because, you know, I have nothing to do. Ah, how much better can life get?

A lot of my classmates (to say nothing about the kids from our junior batch) have been attending PG entrance coaching classes. I know that the competition is tough-- most people take the entrance a number of times before they get through. What I don’t see is me joining them. It’s not that I am content with just a degree or that I am not ambitious (Dr. Adorable Pancreas, MBBS, MD, DM, MRCP, FRCP, Woohoo!), I just can’t see myself keeping my nose to the grindstone for the next 3 years. I burn up. Fast. It happened with the premedical entrance exams, it happened during the first year exams, it happened during the second third* year exams, and I think I’m heading for one now that the exams are just a couple of months away. I do not even want to think about the hell that is final year. And then the internment. And don’t get me started on the rural posting. I don’t know where my life is going. I am afraid I won’t get to be a cardiologist if I don’t. attend. those. classes. NOW. And right now, I can’t bring myself to care. The heart is the only organ in the body whose anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology I can recite in my sleep. The only reason I did well on my Pathology exam was because the long question (which carried a lot of marks) was about rheumatic heart disease. I think I’ll die (probably of a heart attack) if I don’t become a cardiologist.

I wish I was in my control of my life. Instead, people who do not even know that I exist are laying the foundations of my future. I am scared stiff. I really need to get my life back on track. Taking it easy is not an option any more.
Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content.

Now just how do I go about reforming myself?

*We have no second year. We jump into third year at the end of our first year. Don't ask. Loooong story.

PS: The whole thing sounds disjointed and unconnected, no? Welcome to the randomness that is the inside of my head.

PPS: Better post next time. Maa kasam.


~nm said...

Bhai pata to chlana chaihiye doctor sa'ab hain! Bina chasme ke woh baat nahi aati..right? :D

manuscrypts said...

hmmm, a glassy eyed medico or chashme buddoor? :)

brocasarea said...

hmm....hope its not sodaglasses1...and best of luck for ent[dhingra?]

black coffee said...

lol! that was so damn funny that you might go get a hearing aid now that you got glasses after ophthal postings!!

so you are giving you SPM next?? ohkie! i just got done with that nightmare!
and all the best for ENT! God knows i hated ENT! God bless you!

Siri said...

Uh Oh! I've been there doc. Its terrible. Now that things seem better, relatively. Hang in there, is all I can offer. Its probably worth it.
Come on, glasses adds (an illusion of, in case of Yours Truly) intellect to people's perceptions of one's personality. Smile now.

Prats said...

I always was under the impression glasses make one look if not for the nosegrinds and least you get to be hot!!! :)

Chill ....the course will take its course...and i'm sure you'll top it well...

Adorable Pancreas said...

That's one consolation. Another one is that I need wear it only for 6 months. Probably.

Glassy eyed medico! I've just been reading SPM!

It's not.
And yeah, Dhingra.

black coffee,
Thank you.

Apparently, I look like a skinny girl in glasses. Come to think of it, I am a skinny girl wearing glasses.

Hot. That's what the weather's been like. I'm sweating buckets, and a lot of it collects beneath my glasses. Like, ew.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Men seldom make passes
at girls who wear glasses

I've worn them since I was nine and have nine kids. You are what-- 21? Start wearing them at 21 and-- oh, never mind. . .

Mithrandir said...

well, your glasses are only for headache, so you surely will remove them sooner or later, so consolation enough. i have myopia-too bad.
and all the best for your preparations for ur exams and pg entrance tests.