Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

The holidays were fun. I shall not get any more such holidays for a long time, and I had a grand time. Half the day would be spent sleeping, and the other half was devoted to the TV and eating. It was as hot as the inside of a sauna (some people tell me winters are cold. I refuse to believe them.), but too cold to bathe. I didn’t really want to, but my mom would threaten to switch off the TV if I didn’t take a bath, (she said she enjoyed breathing- I wonder what she meant by that) so I missed 3 minutes of the 47th rerun of the Friends episode where Chandler and Monica try to get their engagement picture taken. This, my 21st winter, was abominably hot. I've never had a cold winter in my life.

I read Along Came a Spider, and First to Die, and discovered that I prefer the simplicity of the Queen of Crime. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that so many of my favourite authors are British. I blame Enid Blyton. And Burnett, and Nesbit, and Crompton, and Lewis, and Carroll, and oh, what the hell, Rowling. I haven't read many American books from that period (which is the pre-electricity period, in my head, because no one says "It's so hot, switch on the fan" in them), except for the Anne series, and that is Canadian. I thought Patterson convoluted the plto so much he forgot to tie up the loose ends.

Officially, we had only three days off for Christmas, and were supposed to report back on Thursday. The holidays were unofficially extended by us students, and we went back only today. I must admit that I missed my routine a little, but not so much so that I jumped out of bed eager to rush off to college.

Obstetrics stinks. The whole place does. The rest of the doctors decided that they had to do something about the smell, and built a separate hospital for the Ob-Gs. The Paediatricians couldn’t bear to stop fighting with the Obstetricians, and went along. Thus, we have a separate Mother & Baby hospital. It is a very cheerful place that greets you with the floral odour of amniotic fluid the second you set foot through the door. The total absence of windows in the buildings is in keeping with the pleasant atmosphere.

The Ob-G nightmare began in 4th semester, and it still makes me wake up screaming in the middle of the night. It is one of our least favourite subjects, and there are plenty of Ob-G jokes.
A patient was in the early stages of labour, and it was proceeding satisfactorily. The obstetrician decides to take a break, and asks the duty house surgeon to keep a watch on the perineum. The housie promptly takes off his wrist watch and places it on the patient’s perineum.

I have 3 more weeks left in Obstetrics, and sadly, it’s going to be a case of from the frying pan into the fire- I am to join the slave corps in the labour room for my last clinical posting this semester.

A new year brings new hope, yada yada yada. It’s OT day tomorrow, and I’m going to be looking at Caesarean sections. What can give more hope than babies? Speaking of babies, my cousin gave birth to twins last week- a girl and a boy!

Have a great 2008, all.


the stygian sailor said...

happy new year!

Spunky Monkey said...

Ob-G stinks.
I just don't understand why it hasn't become the chant of the nation. I am doing everything that I possibly can to popularize the fact. What fact, you ask?

And hyaaby nyoo eyur ma.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Wish you a very happy new year

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Happy New Year!

When you have women in labor, are many versed with yoga? It's OK if they are not. Remind them that when they breathe, the baby gets O2-- for some reason it is easy to hold your breath when you are having contractions and I never figured this out. If you can, tell the mom between contractions that you know it's going to be hard, but once she does it it will get easy. At the top of the contraction, she needs to inhale. I did that on my own. Later, a doctor (who was into nutrition who was the smartest OB that I ever met) would loudly YAWN while I contracted-- I started to yawn/inhale. I'd still need narcotics for that birth though as it was my seventh and my body was saying, "Enough already!"

Another thing. The Smart Doctor broke my water (my kids would all still be inside me if we didn't induce!) and then guided the babies heads down into the birth canal. This made for faster labors and cords didn't prolapse.

Nubain rocks.

mathew said...

happy new year..and wishin you best of luck in ur medico endeavour..

Tys on Ice said...

happy new year!

this is news to me...really? Ob-G stinks?

here i was thinking that anything connected to babies smell like talcum powder and milk...

u just spoiled another one for me, thanks! next you will say that they are covered in slime whn they are born.

Adorable Pancreas said...

@the stygian sailor:
You have a good one too!

@spunky monkey:
Yay! Somebody agrees with me. Most of my friends think Ob-G is the eel's eyebrows, whatever that is.
And yes, you too da.

@compassion unlimited:
Thangyoo and wish you the same.

@tea n. crumpet:
You could use one too. Happy New Year!
I'll be sure to use these on my patients.
Oh, and Cobain rocks too! :)

Thanks, Mat. Have a great year!

@tys on ice:
Dhunkoo, Tys.
The sad truth is, it does. And just so I can ruin another one for you, babies are covered in a slimy substance when they're born. It's called vernix caseosa. I feel so happy now.

Anonymous said...

New Year greetings! am sure u'll have the best year... ever!

tangled said...

You do not mention Pratchett!

Phoenix said...

It really does stink.
and it doesnt end there.
patient in labour are crying aloud.
sisters are fighting and shouting.
their relatives may pop up eventually and starts askin you stuff.
hey i read in one of ur posts, you had done episio n stitches. I laughed at myself then. I havent even watched a complete delivery although even my final obg terms over. ya, even m wondering at the kind of doc m gonna be. but its really diff for me to stand a delivery. i still get dizzy. lets see wht the internship brings to me , if at all i pass this time.