Monday, May 10, 2010


Food and sleep are my holy grail. (Sort of. Despite not being Dan Brown, I don't care about inaccuracies.) I can never have them when I need them. I think the worst time is two in the night, when even the roaring from my stomach cannot keep me awake.

Thus goes the life of a hapless intern, who, as the saying goes, is overworked and underpaid. Not for long, maybe. A huge maybe.

It kills me that slaving for perfect strangers who don't know me from Adam leaves me with absolutely no energy to lift a finger to help my mom, who thinks me her entire world. It makes me feel incredibly guilty. So guilty that I can't even imagine 'borrowing' the lovely sari I bought her.

Sometimes, I wonder about what it was like to be normal. I can't remember.


tys said...

Whatever u do, please stay awake long enough to take out that sponge you left in that guys stomach.


How u been? Apart from being so damn sleepy?

teryvak said...

I wonder how it feels like to work this hard..good i think.

Whiplash Injury said...

I think its good that you people are enough strong to work in these conditions. The post is looking very nice with the pics you added in it.