Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My classes are over.

Exams start next week.

These are internal exams, but they count.

I need to get a certificate saying I have no outstanding dues in any department. Now that I have it, I thought I would embark on vandalising spree. Then I realised, the beds are broken, there are no lights, the fans do not work (and neither do half the nurses, but that's another story), I can't break any of the instruments because they are already, you guessed it, broken. Welcome to chaos a government hospital.

I am going to miss this crap.

That is the college, not the hospital.

That is from the hospital.



Dr Roshan R said...

weird as it sounds.. years from now, you will miss "this crap".
I know I do..

Lovely blog.. always fun to see fellow medicos blogging.
I'd posted earlier on medical life memories here... a loong time ago.


deluded said...


I wonder, what its like.


goodluck again!

starscream said...


You definitely won't miss those !!!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hmmm i dont wanna do medicine!!

but my dad wants me to do it!!!

DPhatsez said...

ey yo JD! lighten up! You're a 'No-Dues' Certified Doc! :D

ahem: I bet your handwriting sucks!(It's a theory of mine, doctors have pathetic hadnwriting)

Quest said...

I am missing the craps@NITC :(

PS: My handwriting is the worst Dphat :D :P

Source: Guinness Book of Worst Records


anon said...

All the besht...

Come back and crack us up soon...

hossamreffat said...

do your best...happy exams