Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TTFN, Exams!

So my internal exams are done with, and I have no need to set foot in college for another month. Which should make me sad, but, for some reason, I am glad. I badly need a break. I am sick of studying.

My final exams start next month, and my study holidays have begun. But I need to relax for a while before I attack my books once again. And while I'm off doing that, you guys take a look at some random pcitures on hard drive.

The surgeons' best friend, the haemostat, affectionately referred to as the artery forceps

My hand

A pretty bug

The beach in the rain

A pond. Really.

Some railway station

The view

The bane of my existence

I haven't been feeling entirely sane these last few weeks. Can you tell?


DPhatsez said...

Yes JD! We can all tell! :)

Chin up doc!

--xh-- said...


†J said...


Crazy !!

starscream said...

Yes, I can...

But the pics have been labelled by the old AP....

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

heya..haii...luvd yer article in de mag !!!

Chiya said...

Same are the days for me.
I am sick of studying and I am not studying either.
Since a whole 1 month. Slightly feel ashamed of confessing the same. Help me!

First time here. n here is a sense of belongingness...lolz