Sunday, April 26, 2009


Two. Rhymes with boohoo. Two weeks before I bid goodbye to classes. I am too busy with the stupid practical record to care.

We went to Kodaikanal, Mysore and Coorg in our third year. That was when The A tried to drown herself in the Cauvery. Third year, that was so much fun. The honeymoon of our undergraduate life. You guys take a look at the picture while I reminisce.

Everybody who goes to Mysore goes to this place, and gets their pictures taken with the monks. We got the monks to take our picture. There we are, squinting at the sun.

Mysore zoo was where I had a crow do its thing on the tip of my finger. The exact tip. Of my finger. That I'd just lifted to point out an ape. Shitty timing, the crow had.

We all agreed that African elephants are larger, and have bigger tusks, and that's all very well, but Indian elephants are smarter and more beautiful.

A friend had a weird encounter at a market in Mysore. One of the vendors recognised him as a Mallu (do we wear a sign on our foreheads? How do they know?) and wanted to know if Mallu men were generally, get this, gay! Where do people get such notions from? How can we have a population problem if our men are gay? Maybe that is the answer to our troubles.

Here is a picture of the Cauvery.

See how I cleverly left out the river in the picture? I am amazing. In reality, this is some place called Nisargadhama, which boasts of many kinds of entertainment for tourists, including a toilet that smells of fresh flowers. And old urine.

We had so much fun (this is getting boring, innit?). I will not bore you with the details of the one other trip I went on, you can read it here if you feel so inclined. It's got lots of pictures and less of my writing, so that is one point in favour all of you clicking here and leaving me to my tragic life.


Arps said...

Ah! The honeymoon semester...
When we look back at college over the years, we all tend to stop right there, don't we..

Rockus said...

Mallus are easily recognizable! Donno the reason though! Six months in Bangalore and I can say whether a guy or girl is mallu just by the look!

DPhatsez said...

Bleddy Phool!

The cosmos conspires to bestow upon you the 'Honest Scrap' award!
Collect it from

Follow the rules mentioned in my post and then gloat away to glory!

mathew said...

hmm..and you didnt visit chamundi?? I love Mysore for its superb weather..and the nearby hill stations...

Mysore has lot of malayalees btw...

damsel in distress said...

hi. u r awarded in my blog too. the same award as dphat's. its not my fault he gt the award first.


an supposed to leave a harassing cmnt abt u rec the blog as per the rules. meh. am too lazy to think of harassments. hope u will enjoi the award.


Saphire said... trips....they come and go before we know it :(

deluded said...


*applauds for the crow

thats one heck of a shot!

Adorable Pancreas said...

First year had all those godawful subjects, fourth year had SPM and ENT (need I say more?) and final year is a blur. Third year was GLORIOUSLY stress-free. *sigh*

Is it the coconut oil? It has to be, nothing else reeks mallu-ness like good ol' velichenna.

Oh, the honour! I am speechless with joy. In other news, I am 'busy' with eggjams and since I hate eggs, I should gloat soon.

We did. Got our picture taken standing next to Ravanan, like my Mom did 30 years ago. :)

damsel in distress,
Thank you. It doesn't matter, I'm 'busy' these days, like I said. Gah.

Adorable Pancreas said...

Unless you don't actually go on the trip. Then the days drag on for years. Bleh.

Yes, the crow won a lot of awards for the shot, which are proudly displayed in its nest, to inspire the coming generations in the archery-shittery.

Tys on Ice said...

mallus are recognizable by our 6pack abs, size 46 shoulders , roman nose and dark curly hair reaching our shoulder...the accent also helps..

actually its the smell of avial in our fingers..

iam not surprised we are mistaken for gays...we hold hands all the time...especially if we are the same sex...

JeNyZ said...

ooh.. some guy in the market asked me th same 'gay' question.. so i politely informed him tht I am straight, and so not hit on me.. as for th gays, i personally have had no encounters.. Praise the Lord for tht..

Adorable Pancreas said...

The guy in the story is you.